Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Natural Dog Food

Organic Dog Food and Natural Dog Food: Which Dog Food is Right for Your Dog?

The latest trend in natural dog food has sent heaps of dogs and their pet parents on a natural and organic dog food kick. In reality, it’s more than just a trend in dog food—it’s a new standard for healthy eating and a healthier well-being for your canine best buddy. As a responsible and caring pet parent, you want what’s best for your dog, but that doesn’t mean you have to become an expert on every type of dog food and product offered. It does help, however, to know which nutrients, vitamins and food sources will provide your dog with a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Another wise step to take is to learn about the benefits of natural dog food as well as how the premium ingredients in organic dog food can promote overall better health.

Essentially, natural dog food consists of natural food sources and ingredients that offer your dog a nutritious and delicious meal without preservatives, synthetic chemicals or artificial ingredients. Organic dog food is considered natural as it is comprised of the same types of natural food sources and does not contain any preservatives or synthetic materials. The difference is that the natural food source ingredients used in organic dog food follow USDA standards in being “organic” and have not been exposed to pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. This absence of artificial and synthetic ingredients leads to a dog food that is wholesome and easier for your dog to digest.

A variety of natural and organic dog food formulas are also equipped with nutrients and vitamins that promote hip and joint health, healthier skin and coat, as well as a stronger immune system. Out of the abundance of dog food choices available, the question still remains as to which type is best suited for your dog. With some pet parents, the decision stems from their dog’s breed and environment, while some focus on their dog’s age or activity level. While neither thought process is better than the other, it is wise to add your dog’s other health conditions into to the mix. By feeding your dog a type of natural dog food, you can rest assured that his diet will be wholesome and nutritious and that you are supporting his overall health and well-being.

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